The Finance Department in Elko plays a central role in managing the city's financial operations and providing essential services to both residents and businesses. Here's an overview of the key functions and services offered by the Finance Department:

Budget Management: The Finance Department is responsible for preparing and managing the city's budget. This involves working closely with city departments to allocate funds, track expenditures, and ensure that the city operates within its financial means.

Sewer and Water Revenue: Managing and maintaining revenue from sewer and water services is a critical function of the Finance Department. This includes billing, collection, and financial oversight of utility services provided to residents and businesses.

Purchasing: The department oversees the procurement process for the city. This includes purchasing goods and services, conducting competitive bidding, and negotiating contracts to obtain the best value for the city's expenditures.

Accounts Payable: The Finance Department manages accounts payable, ensuring that vendors and suppliers are paid accurately and in a timely manner for goods and services provided to the city.

Accounts Receivable: On the flip side, the department also handles accounts receivable, which involves invoicing and collecting payments from individuals or entities that owe money to the city for various reasons, such as fines, fees, or permits.

Overall, the Finance Department is a critical hub for the city's financial operations. They ensure that the city's finances are well-managed, budgets are adhered to, and services are provided efficiently. Additionally, they serve as a point of contact for businesses and residents when it comes to financial matters related to the city's services and operations. Their work contributes to the financial stability and well-being of the city of Elko.

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