Public Works

The City of Elko Street Department plays a vital role in maintaining the infrastructure and public spaces within the City limits of Elko.   These responsibilities are essential for the safety, functionality, and aesthetics of the city. The Street Department plays a crucial role in ensuring that Elko's infrastructure and public spaces are well-maintained and serve the community effectively.

Pothole Patching: Potholes can be a significant road hazard, and the Street Department is responsible for repairing them to ensure safe and smooth roadways.

Weed Abatement: Controlling and removing weeds along roadways and public spaces to maintain a clean and aesthetically pleasing environment.
Street Sweeping: Regular street sweeping helps keep the streets clean and removes debris and litter that may accumulate.

Gravel Road Maintenance and Dust Control: Maintaining gravel roads to ensure they are in good condition and controlling dust to minimize environmental and health impacts.

Reconstruction Projects: Overseeing and participating in road reconstruction projects to improve or upgrade existing infrastructure.

Traffic Markings: Ensuring that road markings, including crosswalks and striping, are clear and visible for safety and traffic regulation.

Traffic and Street Name Signage: Installing and maintaining traffic signs and street name signs to guide and inform drivers.

Snow and Ice Control: During winter months, managing snow and ice on the roads to maintain safe driving conditions.

Perimeter Fence Maintenance: Maintaining fences around city properties, which can be important for security and aesthetics.

Storm Drain Maintenance: Keeping storm drains clear and functional to prevent flooding during heavy rains.

Downtown Corridor Parking Lot Maintenance: Maintaining parking lots in the downtown corridor to ensure they are safe and accessible for residents and visitors.

Fall Leaf Collection: Collecting and disposing of fallen leaves in the autumn to keep streets and public spaces clean.

Christmas Tree Collection: Collecting and disposing of Christmas trees after the holiday season.

232 10TH Street

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