The Elko Special Response Team (ESRT) serves the communities of Elko County. Members of this specialized team are comprised of officers from the Elko Police Department, as well as deputies from the Elko County Sheriff’s Office. 

SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) is a collateral duty. Every member of the SWAT team is a highly dedicated professional who serves the SWAT team in addition to performing their primary assignment.

Our primary goal is to save lives, and each tactical mission is planned to provide for the safety of the public, police officers, and suspects.


Team members lead from the front in all high-risk tactical missions. Team members are the officers who put themselves in harm's way when dealing with various high-risk situations, such as high-risk warrant services, barricaded subjects, and hostage rescues.                 DSC_0354

To become a member of the Tactical Team, officers must show a high level of performance, integrity, maturity, and sound judgment. Potential team members participate in an exhaustive selection process that includes the following:

  • Physical Agility Test
  • Tactical Firearms Qualification
  • Oral Interview with Team Leaders
  • Performance Review
  • SWAT Commander Approval 
  • Tactical Scenarios