The Elko Police Department maintains a canine unit in an effort to provide the City of Elko with the best police service possible. The canine unit allows the department to increase productivity, deter crime, and improve public relations with its improved search capabilities, drug detection, and the added dimension of tracking.

Our K9s and their Officer handlers received certification through nationally recognized training associations and NV P.O.S.T. The Unit has three K9s, single and dual-purpose trained.


Police K9s are specifically trained to assist members of law enforcement in their duties, including detecting drugs and explosives, locating missing people, protecting law enforcement officers, and apprehending fleeing criminals.



Belgian Malinois
DOB 2017
Certified May 2019
Belgian Malinois
DOB 2014
Certified 2016

Officer handlers live with their K9s 24/7. Each handler is responsible for the training and care of their K9. Police K9 training never stops as officer handlers and K9s must continuously renew their training and keep up commands and scent training. Ultimately, these K9s are still dogs that need love, companionship, treats, and toys.   

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