The Planning Department in the City of Elko plays a crucial role in guiding and regulating property development and redevelopment within the city. The Planning Department plays a pivotal role in maintaining orderly and sustainable development within the City of Elko. By providing guidance, enforcing regulations, and participating in long-range planning efforts, the department contributes to the city's growth and quality of life for its residents.

Assistance to Property Owners and Developers: The Planning Department offers support and guidance to property owners and developers throughout the various stages of their building projects. This assistance can include helping them understand and navigate zoning regulations, development requirements, and land use policies.

Zoning and Development Regulations: The department administers and enforces both state and local regulations related to planning and development. This involves ensuring that construction and land use activities comply with the established rules and standards.

Collaboration with Planning Commission: The Planning Department works closely with the Planning Commission, a governmental body responsible for reviewing and making recommendations on land use matters, zoning changes, and development proposals. This collaboration helps ensure that decisions align with the city's long-term objectives.

Administer Redevelopment and Coordinate the Redevelopment Agency:  Redevelopment is any new construction on a site that has pre-existing uses. It represents a process of land development uses to revitalize the physical, economic and social fabric of space in the redevelopment area.

City Council Coordination: In addition to the Planning Commission, the department collaborates with the City Council. The City Council may ultimately make decisions on matters related to land use and development, and the Planning Department provides valuable input and information to support these decisions.

Long-Range Planning: The department engages with citizens, city officials, and stakeholders to establish long-term objectives, goals, and policies for the city's growth and development. This includes planning for infrastructure improvements, transportation, land use, and other aspects that shape the city's future.

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1755 College Avenue

Elko, NV 89801

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