Municipal Landfill

The City of Elko Landfill is a specifically designed facility for the disposal of non-hazardous solid waste generated by households, businesses, institutions, and industries for the City of Elko and surrounding areas. The landfill follows all local, state and federal regulations. The landfill plays a crucial role in city services.

Waste Disposal: MSW landfills are designated areas where non-hazardous solid waste, commonly known as trash or garbage, is disposed of. This waste typically includes household waste, food waste, packaging materials, and non-hazardous industrial waste.

Compaction: Waste materials are deposited in layers and compacted using heavy machinery to maximize the space available within the landfill. Compaction reduces the volume of waste and minimizes air pockets.

Cover Material: After each layer of waste is deposited and compacted, it is covered with a layer of soil, clay, or synthetic materials to create a protective barrier. This cover helps reduce odors, prevent the attraction of wildlife, and mitigate erosion.

Gas Collection: As waste decomposes, it generates gases, primarily methane and carbon dioxide. MSW landfills often have gas collection systems in place to capture and manage these gases. Collected methane may be used as an energy source.

Environmental Monitoring: MSW landfills are subject to strict environmental regulations and monitoring requirements. Monitoring includes groundwater quality, gas emissions, surface water runoff, and other environmental indicators.

Local contractors and other businesses may pay $5O minimum monthly fee to hold a charge account with the City of Elko.  

Landfill Superintendent
Shane Fertig

Location and Contact
2200 Pinion Road
Scale House:  775-777-7394
Information Line:  775-777-7395

Days & Hours of Operation
Monday - Sunday 7:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Holiday Closures

New Year’s Day (January 1)
Martin Luther King Jr. Day (3rd Monday in January)
Presidents Day (3rd Monday in February)
Memorial Day (Last Monday in May)
Juneteenth (June 19)

Independence Day (July 4th)
Labor Day (1st Monday in September)
Nevada Day (Last Friday in October)
Veteran’s Day (November 11)
Thanksgiving Day (4th Thursday in November)
Christmas Day (December 25)
Any other holiday that may be designated by the City Council.