Temporary Use Permit Application Procedures

What is a Temporary Use Permit?

A Temporary Use Permit (TUP) provides property owners the opportunity to have certain types of uses considered which are classified as being “temporary” in a particular zoning district for a limited period of time. This consideration could depend on location, site and neighborhood characteristics, and other factors.  A Temporary Use Permit may be approved by the City Planning Commission subject to certain terms and conditions that include a time limitation on the use. 

Temporary uses, like any other use, must conform to individual zoning district requirements.  Also, as a matter of practice, temporary uses have been viewed as interim accommodations while permanent buildings or facilities are undergoing planning and construction.

What is the criteria for a T-U-P?
A successful applicant should expect and be prepared to have the request and proposed use evaluated under the following criteria:
  • nature and reason for temporary use and length of time needed  
  • compatibility with neighboring uses  
  • special characteristics of the site 
  • location of proposed buildings, parking and other facilities
  • any necessary site improvement such as paving or all-weather surfaces 
  • amount of traffic generation 
  • how traffic will be accommodated 
  • influence on adjoining properties
How do I apply for a T-U-P? 
  • Applications are available at the City Planning Department, Elko City Hall.  
  • Potential applicants should discuss their request with a Planning Staff member to determine applicability.
  • In addition to a completed application with necessary information, a detailed site plan drawn to scale showing the location of proposed temporary improvements is needed.
What happens after I file my T-U-P request?

Your request will be schedule for consideration before the Elko City Planning Commission, no later than 21 days from the filing date. The Planning Staff will evaluate your request and develop a Staff Report that will be included with your application for the Planning Commission. Before the meeting, you will receive a meeting agenda and a copy of the Planning Staff Report. During consideration of your request by the Planning Commission, you will be asked to make an oral presentation of the facts related to your case. This will be followed by a response from the Planning Staff. The Commission may elect to hear any public comment pertaining to the request. The Commission will then discuss the request and follow with a motion of approval or denial. If dissatisfied with the decision of the Commission, you may file an appeal to the City Council within ten (10) days of the Planning Commission decision.


Additional information related to Temporary Use Permits or other Planning & Zoning issues may be answered by contacting the Elko City Planning Department.
  Elko City Planning Department
Elko City Hall
1751 College Avenue
(775) 777-7160

  (the links provided below must accompany your request for a Temporary Use Permit)