Parking Waiver Application Procedures

Parking Requirements & Waivers 

Elko City Code establishes regulations for property owners in the development of off-street parking in order to relieve public streets of the burden to provide on-street parking.  These requirements exist to assure that every land use will be planned to minimize traffic congestion, hazards and vehicular/pedestrian conflicts and that public streets will be available to move vehicles, goods and services.  Parking requirements may vary depending on the specific use and zoning of a property.  The City Planning Department should be contacted to determine requirements of a particular development.

The City’s Parking Code includes, not only the amount of parking spaces required for a development, but other regulations related to traffic, access and loading areas. On occasion, there may be exceptional circumstances in which a waiver or deviance from the parking requirements may be warranted.  An applicant should contact the City Planning Department to discuss the circumstances and, if warranted, file a Parking Waiver application.

What is the Criteria for a Parking Waiver? 

A successful applicant should be prepared to have the parking waiver request evaluated under the following criteria:
  • special circumstances, features or conditions of the request
  • relationship to surrounding zoning districts and patterns of land use
  • impact on public safety or general welfare
Waiver Applications

Applications are available at the City Planning Department, Elko City Hall.

Potential applicants should discuss their request with a Planning Staff member to determine applicability.

Parking waiver applications must be accompanied with ten copies of a plot plan, drawn to scale showing property lines, existing and proposed buildings, building setbacks, parking and loading areas, driveways and other pertinent information. 

What happens after filing?

Your request will be scheduled to be heard by the Elko City Planning Commission normally within 30 days from the filing date.  The Planning Staff evaluates your request and develops a Staff Report that is included with your application for the Planning Commission.  Before the meeting, you will receive a meeting agenda and a copy of the Planning Staff Report.  During the Planning Commission consideration of your request, you will be asked to make an oral presentation of the facts related to your case.  This will be followed by a response from the Planning Staff.  The Commission may elect to hear any public comment pertaining to the request. The Commission will then discuss the request and follow with a motion of approval or denial.  If dissatisfied with the decision of the Commission, you may file an appeal to the City Council within ten (10) days of the Planning Commission decision.   

Additional information related to Parking Requirements & Waivers or other Planning & Zoning issues may be answered by contacting the Elko City Planning Department.

Elko City Planning Department 
Elko City Hall 
1751 College Avenue

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