Parcel Map Approval Application Procedures

What is a Parcel Map? 

A Parcel Map is a division of any land for transfer or development into four (4) or fewer lots.  For a second or subsequent parcel map affecting the same original parcel or same contiguous tract of land, the parcel map may be looked upon as a subdivision, that is, a division of land involving more than four (4) lots.

For parcel maps, basic infrastructure needs and improvements associated with grading, drainage, access, streets, street improvements, domestic water supply and sewerage provisions will be addressed and may be required.

What are the Requirements for a Parcel Map 

General requirements, including form and content of a parcel map, are governed by Nevada Revised Statutes, Section 278.461 through Section 278.4725 and also by the City Subdivision Ordinance.
How do I apply for a Parcel Map? 

  • Applications are available at the City Planning Department, Elko City Hall.
  • Prior to filing an application, potential applicants should discuss their request with City of Elko Staff, including members from Planning, Engineering and Fire Departments.  Arrangements for a formal meeting with City Staff can be coordinated through the City Planning Department. 
  • In addition to a completed application with necessary information, a detailed parcel map(s) is to be submitted.
What happens after I file my Parcel Map Application? 

Most parcel maps are reviewed administratively by City Staff.  However, parcel maps which propose to offer dedication of right-of-way to create new streets or roadways are referred to the City Planning Commission and the City City Council for review, consideration and formal acceptance of the offer of dedication.

In either case, the parcel map is evaluated by City Staff for basic public improvements or infrastructure needs. A preliminary list of requirements, terms or conditions of the parcel map and/or a Staff Report is prepared and submitted to the applicant, at which time the applicant may request a meeting with City Staff to discuss the requirements.

Final action to approve, disapprove or conditionally approve the parcel map must take place within 45 days of the filing of the application.  In the event the Parcel Map is acted upon administratively by City Staff, there is an appeal process available to the applicant to the City Planning Commission and also to the City City Council.

An approved parcel map, as prescribed by State Statutes and City Code, has a two (2) year time frame to fulfill conditions of approval and to be recorded with the County Recorder’s Office.  Also, a standard feature of the parcel map process is a performance guarantee and agreement to install any required public improvements along with appropriate security in the form of bonding, certificate of deposit or other acceptable means. 


Additional information related to Parcel Maps or other Planning & Zoning issues may be answered by contacting the Elko City Planning Department.

Elko City Planning Department
Elko City Hall
1751 College Avenue
(775) 777-7160

(the links below must accompany your parcel map request)

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