Liquor and Gaming Licenses

Liquor License - Pursuant to City Code 4-5-4 
The public health, safety, morals and welfare of the inhabitants of the city require the regulation and control of all persons who sell, serve or give away liquor, to include persons engaged in the business of liquor sales. Obtaining a liquor license is a privilege subject to the regulations and conditions which are or may be imposed pursuant to this chapter. A liquor license may, without limitation, be revoked for violating such regulations or conditions.
It shall be unlawful for any person to sell, offer for sale, keep for sale, serve, give away, furnish or distribute, or cause or permit to be sold, offered or kept for sale, served, given away, furnished or distributed, any kind of liquor in the city limits, unless such person has first applied for, paid all license fees for, received and is the holder in good standing of the proper license or licenses required by this chapter.

  1. A City of Elko Business License is required prior to an application for a liquor license .
  2. Complete the liquor license application.  Read and follow the instructions carefully
  3. Return the application to the Business License Department at 1751 College Ave, Elko, NV  89801
  4. The completed application will be sent (or applicant can take it) to the City of Elko Police Department, 1448 Silver Street, Elko, NV  899801.   A fingerprints and background investigation fee  and bar card fee are required.
  5.  The Police Chief, at his/her discretion, may allow the applicant(s) to receive a Temporary Liquor License and begin liquor sales immediately prior to receiving a Regular Liquor License. This will be noted on the liquor license application. 
  6. The Police Chief will complete the background check and place the applicant’s liquor license request on the next available City Council Meeting agenda. A copy of the agenda will be mailed to the applicant so they may attend the meeting.
  7. Upon approval of the City Council a regular Liquor License will be mailed promptly following the meeting.

All liquor license fees are due quarterly by January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1 of each year.  A notice will be mailed thirty days prior to the renewal. These fees may be paid in advance up to one year, but no less than one full quarter of the year. Any license fee, which has not been paid on or before the fifth day of the month in which it becomes due, shall be increased by a penalty of ten percent (10%), which shall be added to the fee and collected with the fee prior to issuance of the license. Failure to timely pay the renewal may result in revocation of the license.

GAMING LICENSE- Pursuant to Elko City Code 4-4-2
It shall be unlawful for any person either as owner, lessee or employee, whether for hire or not, to deal, operate, carry on, conduct, maintain or expose for play any game of faro, monte, roulette, keno, fan-tan, twenty one, blackjack, seven and a half, big injun, klondyke, craps, stud poker, draw poker, or any banking or per played with cards, dice, or any mechanical device or machine, for money, property, checks, credit, or any representative of value; or any gambling game in which any person keeping, conducting, managing or permitting the same to be carried on, receives, directly or indirectly, any compensation or reward, or any percentage or share of the money or property played, for keeping, running, carrying on, or permitting the game to be carried on, or to play, maintain or keep any slot machine played for money, for checks or tokens redeemable in money or property, without having first procured a license for the same as hereinafter provided; and provided further, that no alien, or any person except a citizen of the United States, shall be issued a license, or shall directly or indirectly own, operate or control any game or device so licensed.

  1. A City of Elko Business License is required.
  2.  A Nevada State Gaming License is required.
Gaming license fee's are due quarterly January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1.  Renewal notices are sent thirty days prior to the renewal dates.