Infrastructure Grant

This program is intended to support property owners or lessees in upgrading buildings to meet current code compliance and improve the overall quality of properties in the City of Elko. It promotes redevelopment efforts that align with the city's planning and development goals.  The Infrastructure Grant Program is designed to provide reimbursement for qualifying expenses related to upgrading blighted or dilapidated buildings that have lost their legal non-conforming status or do not comply with the current Elko City Code, including building codes and accessibility standards.

Eligibility:   For a project to be eligible for funding through the Demolition Grant Program, it must align with the City of Elko Redevelopment Plan and the Nevada Revised Statutes. The project should also demonstrate its contribution to at least one of the three specified goals: the elimination of blighted conditions, the promotion of economic revitalization, or the stimulation of private development. This ensures that the program's funds are directed toward projects that have a positive impact on the community and conform to the established redevelopment objectives.  To participate in the program, a person must be either the owner or lessee of the property to be improved. If a lessee is the Program Participant, they must obtain written permission from the property owner to apply, and the property owner must agree to fulfill any remaining obligations in the Participation Agreement if the lessee defaults.

Grant Funding:  The maximum grant funding that may be awarded is $15,000 per lot or parcel with a single Assessor's Parcel Number, unless otherwise authorized by the Agency.  Program Participants are required to pay 50% or more of the total project costs, depending on the decision of the Agency. This includes construction costs and expenses related to planning and permitting, such as design work and construction drawings.

Application Process:  Applications for the program will be accepted bi-annually, with two application periods: January 1st to January 31st and July 1st to July 31st each year.  If the available budgeted funding is not fully expended during any application period, it will be carried forward for consideration in subsequent periods.

Disbursement of Funds:  Funds will be disbursed only after specific conditions are met, which are likely outlined in the program's guidelines and Participation Agreement.