Public Message

The City of Elko is an ISO Class 2 rated community based upon Fire Department capabilities, training standards, equipment availability, and personnel manning. In addition to the Fire Department, the City of Elko's water system is very well managed, engineered, and maintained. The ISO rating system looks at a municipal water system for several factors of rating. The storage, distribution, redundancy of supply and mains, the amount and location of hydrants, and the annual flow testing are the primary considerations. 

Why is a good ISO rating important? This evaluation rating system helps to determine the commercial properties insurance risk factors for the setting of insurance premiums for the industry in a particular geographic area. The residential rates then usually follow the rate trends. In the ISO system a rating of 1 is the best, with a rating of 10 being the worst.  The ratings usually occur approximately every 3 years. 

Open burning is still permitted in the Elko City basin by the Nevada State Environmental Protection Commission, Air Quality Bureau.  This permission is granted through application by the Fire Department twice a year for a Spring and Fall set time. It turn, the Fire Department issues individual burn permits to those residents that meet the State EPA guidelines. The usual periods are March 1st through June 1st in the Spring and November 1st through December 21st in the Fall. 

The Fire Department offers fire extinguisher training programs to the public, businesses and organized groups. We have an application form for the training request that is available by dropping by the main Fire Station at 911 west Idaho Street or by FAX to your number. By the way the request is filled out, we then determine the best and most economical means of providing this training. Business phone number is (775) 777-7345 to request the form. 

One of the Elko Firefighters greatest pleasures is having groups or individuals come to the main station for tours and fire prevention programs. The firefighters love the company and to interact with our customer base. We encourage groups or individuals to give us a call and set up whatever type of visit you would like to the Fire station. You can either call (775) 777-7354 or (775) 777-7345 to set this up. 

The City of Elko Fire Department, all the career and volunteers alike, are dedicated to your public safety and customer service. This is not just idle conversation, it is an over 100 year tradition and performance, and one that is practiced daily by all the dedicated and professional men and women of the City of Elko Fire Department.