Hazardous Material

The Hazardous Material Coordinator in the City of Elko plays a critical role in managing and responding to incidents involving hazardous materials. Here's a summary of their responsibilities and qualifications:

  • Supervision and Reporting: The Hazardous Material Coordinator operates under the direction of the Elko City Fire Chief, which ensures coordination between the fire department and hazardous material management.

  • Experience and Qualifications: The individual in this role is required to have significant experience and qualifications in the field of hazardous materials management. This expertise is crucial for effectively handling incidents involving hazardous materials.

  • Local On-Scene Coordinator: The Coordinator serves as the "local on-scene coordinator" for incidents where hazardous materials are released into the environment. In this capacity, they take a leadership role in managing the response to such incidents, coordinating resources, and ensuring the safety of the community.

    Regulating Hazardous Material Routes: Another key responsibility is regulating hazardous material routes within the city. This involves overseeing and possibly restricting the transportation of hazardous materials through specific routes to minimize risks and protect public safety.

City of Elko Hazardous Material RoutePrimary hazardous material routes within the City limits may be established by resolution of the City Council of the City. The initial primary hazardous material routes within the City as of the Enactment of this Code shall be as follows:

  • Eastbound and westbound through traffic shall use interstate 80 Highway.
  • Westbound traffic for Bullion Road shall use Interstate exit 303 to Idaho Street, Idaho Street to 13th Street; 12th Street to Silver Street, Silver Street to 5th Street, 5th Street to Wilson Street, Wilson Street on out to Bullion Road.
  • Northbound traffic shall use Interstate 80 exit 301, then out to Nevada State Highway No. S.R. 225 (Mountain City Highway).
  • Southbound traffic shall use Interstate exit 303 to Idaho Street, Idaho Street to 12th Street, 12thStreet to Nevada State Highway No. 227 (Lamoille Highway) on out.