Police Department

Patrol Division

The goal of the Patrol Division is to deliver quality and consistent community police service with utmost officer safety.

How should the relationship between officers of this department and the community manifest itself? The Patrol Division addresses this question through it's response to calls and as a problem solving resource. We intend to provide answers and ultimately hope to be a catalyst for community needs and concerns.

The Patrol Division utilizes vehicle as well as bicycle patrols.  The Patrol Division covers 17 square miles which comprises the the City Limits of Elko. We handle on average of 30,000 calls for service per year.

Our average response time to these calls is three minutes from the time the call is dispatched to the officers arrival.

Patrol Division handles all traffic accidents within the City limits as well as routine police matters which include crossing guard duty, bank escorts, animal calls, crime calls, funeral processions, parades and much more.